The Price of Cheap

Discover our latest film about labour exploitation in the supply chain of textiles

When Elephants Fight

A film about conflict minerals in the Congo, narrated by Robin Wright

The Abolish Foundation

Our sister-organization producing calls-to-action in support of survivors

Current Call to Action: The BuyFair App

Wishing Step Pictures believes that a powerful film can make the most impact by having an equally powerful call to action. We are currently working with our sister organization, The Abolish Foundation, on developing the BuyFair app for our latest film The Price of Cheap. The app will allow consumers to pressure corporations to be more transparent about their supply chains. An independent advisory panel made up of a cross-sector of supply chain professionals will determine a rating for that corporation, based on information received by the owners, to determine the likelihood that forced labour or labour exploitation was used in the supply chain of their products. This will help users of the app make more ethical purchasing decisions and avoid buying products that were made with a high risk of modern slavery. 

Watch the video with Actor/Activist Robin Wright to learn more. 

Fight modern-slavery

Avoid products made using slave labor and pressure corporations to clean up their supply chain by helping The Abolish Foundation build the BuyFair app. Learn more about why this is the call to action for our latest film The Price of Cheap.


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