Call to action: BuyFair App

Watch the video to learn more about the BuyFair app. Sign up if you want to be a tester of the app. It is now available for external testers, and they will be contacted by the end of September 2018 for access to the app.

We are asking the film's audience and visitors to our site to support the use of the BuyFair app by signing on to our call to action.

The BuyFair app allows consumers to pressure corporations to become more transparent about their supply chains. Once that information is generated, an independent rating advisory made up of a cross-sector of supply chain professionals will determine ratings to help users of the app make more ethical purchasing decisions.

With mass adoption, consumers can put pressure on corporations to improve their supply chain or risk losing customers.

Fight slavery by signing up for the BuyFair app at no cost to you.

Scan barcodes to avoid products made using slave labor and pressure corporations to clean up their supply chain.

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